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Picture Selector

Digital cameras are awesome, but it also means that you come home from a vacation with hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures. Picture Selector helps you select the best pictures from the multitudes of pictures. If you are like me, you tend to shoot 2-4 pictures of the same scene, just to be sure to get that good picture, that captures the right light, has the motive with open eyes, or just to make sure that you only present the essence of your special occasion

This program is programmed in C# .net, so if you haven't installed .net yet, you need to install it. It sends no data back to me, and it can be executed offline without any problem. There are on license server, and no requirement that you pay anything. I made this for personal use, and I just hope you find it useful :)

Should you find it useful, and with to donate something, feel free and press the [Donate] button! Also, if you wish some new feature, feel free to request so using the feedback section of Picture Selector

Download binary
Download zipped

Example 1

This is how it looks when you open it. First thing choose the input directory, where all your pictures are located. After that, select the output directory. Preferably an empty directory where the picture you want to keep is stored

Example 2

After you select an input and a destination, you can start using the program. Press F1 for moving one picture back, F2 for the next, and F3 for copying the active picture from input to destination. This program will never delete anything, only copy from source to the destination. Enjoy!