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Morticia and me

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Kim Bahir Andersen

My name is Kim Bahir Andersen. I live in Denmark with my wonderful wife, Feriba Bahir Andersen. My middle names origin is from Feriba, who is originally from Afghanistan. We have laughed, wept, and experienced life in all it's glory since we kissed the first time in 1999 :)

I work for TDC Hosting (website) which is a Scandinavian hosting company focusing on the private and public sector. I have the privilege of functioning as vice president, with the technical strategy, information security (ISO 27001), and internal IT as my main areas of responsibility.

When not working, I find great pleasure in reading, drawing, painting, photography, and are now investigating how it is to write more. Both Feriba and I work out (though not together), and we try to use the weekends with family or on a trip to some new place in Sealand.

Coding is another little hobby of mine, and some of what I do seem to have some use for others as well. I hope that you find some use in these small programs, and should you feel the desire to press the "donate" button, you are most welcome. All funds are guaranteed to go into something irresponsible!

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