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Image Sorter

Images can quickly add up, and if you are like me, you end up having a lot thrown into one large folder. Then again, from time to time you want to sort stuff to make sure that you can find it again.

The way the program works is that you select two directories. The first is the input directory where everything is thrown into a pile. The output directory is where you want things to end up. There need to be sub directories where things are to be sorted into. The directories are then mapped to keys, and when you press Q, W and so on - or click the folder in the menu to the left - the picture will be moved there. If you don't want to keep the picture, you press SPACE and it's moved to a folder the program creates called TRASH.

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Example 1

You can see the current picture, and immediately after a key-press or a click on the name to the left, the picture will be moved, and you get the next in the line

Example 2

As you can see it has been moved one item forward. This will continue until there are no more pictures left